There are two marathons that always get me. Deadliest Catch and Mythbusters. The video above gives a glimpse into the personal makerspace of Adam Savage of Mythbusters. As I have mentioned in a blog post a few weeks ago, people’s things interest me. How people go about their work, whats in their “go bag”, and what their spaces look like can give you new ideas and spark creative thinking.

Bo Hooper told me the other day, “Everyone needs a workshop.” Unfortunately living ITP (In The Perimeter) houses are small for what we pay in rent. Not to mention if we are talking hammer and saw workshop its probably best that I stay out of that one.

Nevertheless, Bo’s comment has me thinking. What is my makerspace? Where do I go to create and produce?

Obviously its made me think about my classroom. What are my “tools” that I use everyday? Here is a list and brief description:

Black Foam Core – I love using these for planning, mood boards, collecting ideas, and storyboarding. Perfect for stacking.

White Boards – Forget spending a ton of money on whiteboards… Go to Home Depot. $13.00 for a 4×8. I am currently making a modular whiteboard wall. I’ll share pictures soon. And if you really want to get fancypants you could do nesting Z-Racks.

Apple TVThe definition of interactivity has changed. When everyone has a computer, we need digital spaces that allow learners to easily share their learning. Apple TV allows that to happen with screen sharing. Chromecast is also a great option.

Bright Sticky Notes – I use these like its my job. Great for ideation and observation capturing.

Dry Erase Paint – When a piece of whiteboard isn’t enough… just paint the whole wall. Make sure you sand the wall very well before hand!