Trey Boden (M.A. Transformational Leadership) serves as the Creative Director at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and the Mount Vernon Institute For Innovation in Atlanta, Georgia. As a wearer of many hats, Trey works and leads among a team of designers to shift the future of learning by blurring the lines between school and real life.

As a leader in K-12 Design Thinking he integrates Design Thinking in his daily practice of teaching and leadership. Currently he teaches a Transformational Leadership course that integrates a learner-centered approach that builds on self-leadership, real-world design challenges, and a call to design your life for making the world better. He also serves as an adjunct faculty member for Mount Vernon’s Innovation Diploma (It’s not a class, it’s a start up.) that provides learners experiences to work with community partners and leading executives solving pressing problems within their organizations. As a self-taught graphic designer, Trey has worked with his team to produce and create experiences and products that resource lead learners and leaders to design for a better world.

He lives in Tucker, Georgia with his wife, three-year-old son, and two basset hounds.