This post is inspired by Sarah Lewis’s 99U talk about an innovator’s private domain. These are physical and mental places or spaces where innovators retreat to hone their craft. Specifically, Lewis drills down deep into the inner space creatives retreat to. Immediately my mind when to Happy Gilmore’s happy place (Semi-NSFW). Her talk made me think about the necessity of teaching students how to adopt rhythms that cultivate creative confidence. This is not about space, but rather its finding an inner place to become vulnerable with ourselves for the sake of others. Its about developing a habit of introspection and self-evaluation. What motivates me? How do my own empathic tendencies speak to my passions? I love this comment especially:

“Putting out something that is new in the world requires temporary removal from it.”

One of facebook’s mantra is: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? I have adopted it as one of my classroom norms. Answering this question demands students to suspend the judgments of the world, include their own judgments of themselves, so that they can consider their contributions and purpose in their world. The creative heart brings something from nothing that ultimately impacts the world.

What rhythms do you have that cultivates creative confidence in yourself and those you lead?

Watch Sarah Lewis’s 99U talk here: