Beginnings are always so great. I am so excited about teaching the courses I have this year and stepping into new responsibilities.

A couple of highlights from yesterday.
In Transformational Leadership we opened with a discussion around genetic dispositions of leadership. Are leaders born or are leaders made? What effect does our choice to this question have upon our worldview and how we perceive capacity in others?

In Praise Band we watched Where The Streets Have No Name performed by U2 in Boston asking, “Is this worship?” What does worship mean? What are the rules of praise? Do we mean what we sing? When a song says jump, shout, or dance should we do these things?

In Video Production students were given their first video assignment. It went like this:

Watch this video. Screening on next Friday.

The next few days will be full of questions. Why did you frame the subject that way? Where is the line between action? How do you turn on the camera? What does cut, splice, roll, or dump have anything to do with video?

Questions are the genesis of learning.

Have I mentioned that I love what I do?