I was reading an article this week about increasing your creativity by learning something that is out of your expertise. I was horrible at biology. I had little interest and honestly was more into physical science. Either way here is a trending YouTube video on the immune system. The human body is an incredible ecosystem and the motion graphics in this video are outstanding.

Why You Are Still Alive – The Immune System Explained – LINK


I met with Katie Cain (@katiecain) and Chrissy Wusylko (@wusylkc) on Wednesday to talk about the #MVmiddle Digital Life Summer Grant. Chrissy has been working so hard and has come up with some INCREDIBLE ideas around Digital Citizenship. We got into a conversation over lunch about how teachers should manage technology in their classrooms. From my experience, students want to be a part of these conversations. We need to challenge students to think about their digital lives rather prescribe to them rules to follow. Check out this article on Edutopia: The Digital Lives of Teens: “If You Don’t Have a Plan for Them, They Will Have a Plan for You.” Its a great read and a place to start thinking about how teachers should co-design technology management in their classroom.


As many of you know I am an avid podcaster. Seriously, I listen to them like its my job. One that has caught my brain today is the most recent episode of The TED Radio Hour via NPR. The episode is a rerun, but new to me, called Peer Into Space. There is no greater wonder than the universe we live in. The vastness and grandness of the space between galaxies and atoms mystifies me. It makes me realize that not all things are as they seem. Give this episode a listen:

Peer Into Space – TED Radio Hour  – LINK