god with us emmanuel

What does it mean to truly be with us?

It has been my experience that we look at our relationship with God as a puppet would with a puppet master. We have this idea that he is in the cosmic rafters pulling the strings. Maybe sometimes we find comfort in a God that controls every moment. But other times when life happens its hard to imagine a God who allows such horrible things happen.

Fortunately this is not the story of the gospel. A God like a puppet master has only a thin string that connects his creation and himself. In stark contrast, our God is the God who cut the strings. In his mind a life of love can’t be lived as puppet, but rather we are to live full lives that are free to enjoy the sunset, the laugh of a baby, and yes… even gangnam style.

So what is this story that allows for such joy? Its is the story of hope. Hope is the coming expectation for coming good. In this sense it is restorative. It makes things new. Let me ask you four questions:

Have you ever looked at this world and realized it was messed up?
Have you ever wondered if there was a time when it was right?
Do you think it could ever be right again?
Has anyone ever told you that this is the story of the Bible?

You see the story of the bible is about hope. Its about Gods impassioned intention for making things right. It is about justice. Its about a redeemed love that never fails… a love that never gives up. Such a story cannot come from a puppet master who pulls strings for his own benefit.

It has to be a story of a God that has come to cut the strings. And in Christ’s coming he made a way for us to be present with him every moment and every second so that we may know life.

What weighs you down? What are you afraid of?
This Christmas I hope you hear god screaming to you from the nearly empty space next to you:

Christ came to give you hope and he will never leave us.