Husband. Teacher. Encourager.


What is found in the white space of the novels we read? What puts us on the edge of our seats as we watch this year’s blockbuster? Why do we long for purpose and meaning?

It is my aim in life to provide answers and to encourage other towards finding themselves lost in a participatory narrative. I hope to challenge students, friends, and co-workers to find themselves in the tension between real life and living life to the full. Such a life is found in the breathe between a chorus and a bridge. Call it fate, destiny, or divine interaction, but you can’t deny that all things ebb within catalyst and hopeful resolve.

Everything has an embedded propensity to be created.

Thus, I introduce myself as such. I am a pilgrim journeying through the process of continued reformation.

As a husband, I am consistently presented with the proverbial task of ‘iron sharpening iron’. In the words of David Wilcox, “Love is work, but its good work if you can get it.”

As a teacher, I experience the collision of two worlds catalytic upon one of my greatest loves: Learning. Never stop learning is one of my life mottos. The ever increasing knowledge that 21st century innovation brings to us should humble anyone’s pursuit of knowledge.

Lastly, I come to what I believe is the core of who I am. I want to encourage others to pursue living life well. This requires that people see themselves with worth. Also, it implies that people are impassioned with purpose and meaning. With this in mind, I want to do what it takes to empower and equip others to participate in a story beyond themselves. Such a story hinges on knowing our character, story, and identity.

Welcome to my digital home. I hope you find yourself cozy. If there is anything I can do. Please feel free to contact me.

Trey Boden